Geminus - Wastewater for enhanced wastewater network operations

Geminus Wastewater

Enhanced Wastewater Network Operations

Move from Reactive to Proactive Wastewater Network Management!

Geminus Wastewater provides key insights to your management and operations team, allowing them to:

  • Predict and reduce overflows within wastewater, stormwater and combined conveyance systems (CSOs)
  • Forecast and minimize WWTP bypass
  • Detect sewerage chokes in real-time
  • Reduce customer impact
  • Minimize environmental impact

Enhanced Wastewater Network Operational Efficiency

Actionable Insights

Geminus Wastewater provides actionable insights for the daily operation of your wastewater network.

Forecasts the flows and levels across your wastewater network, providing management and operations staff with clear insights showcased in a straightforward dashboard, allowing your team to move to proactive wastewater network operations.

Forecast network impacts
Predict events and optimise operations

Geminus Wastewater gives you the ability to accurately predict events in the network such as Combined Sewerage Overflows, Inflows to your WWTPs, allowing you to take management actions ahead of time to avoid and/or minimise the impact on your customers and the environment.

Geminus Wastewater also allows you to detect sewerage chokes in real-time, enabling your field team to rectify an issue before it turns into a major problem.

Real time data for your field team to respond

Benefits of Geminus Wastewater

Benefits of Geminus
How does Geminus work

How Does It work?

Geminus Wastewater feeds SCADA, telemetry and weather data into an online forecasting model to provide a rolling forecast of the flows across your wastewater network. 

Geminus Wastewater is a cloud-based solution that is accessible from any device, including phones, tablets or PCs.

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