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We provide innovative technological solutions for all water domain challenges, including water distribution, sewerage, river, flood, coastal & marine and groundwater. We provide specialised services to help improve decision-making for all stages of the project life-cycle, including consulting, technology integration, bespoke development, and ongoing maintenance and support. Our services incorporate everything from data analytics to the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, cybersecurity and real-time optimisation. We are technology agnostic and utilise ‘Best of Breed’ technology to provide beneficial solutions..

Software Sales

Digital Water Solutions is an authorised Autodesk reseller with Civil and Water infrastructure domain expertise. Our team can assist you with all your software needs and include:

Autodesk Software Sales – We specialise in the sale of all the Autodesk Innovyze and Civil Infrastructure software, including InfoWorks, InfoWater, InfoDrainage, Civil 3D, Revit, AutoCAD and the AEC Collection
Technical Support – We provide Telephone and Teams support, whether related to Installation and licensing, General technical support, or Investigating software issues.
Advanced Modelling Support – Our team has extensive experience in hydraulic modelling and master planning, and they’ll provide hands-on, high-level technical support as well as customised training to enhance your
Training – We provide face-to-face training for all the Innovyze software products. We have a set of standard courses for InfoWorks WSPro and ICM but can also set up a customised course to suit your needs.
Software Sales
Water Engineering

Water Engineering

Our engineering experts collaborate closely with project teams to provide a wide range of consulting activities, including :

Network Master Planning
Water distribution modelling
Sewer and Stormwater modelling
Network Water Quality Modelling
Water Balance Modelling
Water Treatment Plant Optimisation
Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimisation
Urban Flooding & Floodplain Modelling
Water Resources Modelling
Receiving Environment Modelling

Digital Twin

Our team of software developers, engineers and scientists will work with you to design, improve and implement integrated Decision Support technologies and processes that allow the collection, secure storage, analysis, transmission of data at different levels and ultimately point out the value of information and content that your organisation produces.

We offer Maintenance support services to operate and support your operational decision support systems. This includes filtering, validation and the control and correction of hydrological, hydraulic, hydrodynamic and water quality real-time data. Support services also include the follow-ups to alarms, the creation and dissemination of statistics and reports, plus the maintenance of models and related systems.

Maintenance and support services

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