Water Engineering

Master Planning

DWS specialises in Water Supply, Sewerage and Stormwater Master Planning. We assist clients with the strategic assessment, analysis, and planning of water supply, sewer and stormwater infrastructure to ensure reliable, sustainable, and equitable access to clean water for current and future generations.

Our services include:

Hydraulic Model We can either update and validate your existing hydraulic model or we can assist with building a new hydraulic model. We require Geographical Information (GIS) as well as technical infrastructure information and monitoring data. We will do the validation and calibration of the hydraulic model to ensure it is a true representation of your existing system.
Baseline Assessment: We use the hydraulic model to do a comprehensive assessment of existing water, sewer or stormwater infrastructure, including sources of water, treatment facilities, distribution networks, and storage facilities. This baseline assessment helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in the existing system.
Demand Forecasting: Utilising demographic projections, economic trends, land-use planning data, and water consumption patterns we will forecast future water demand for different sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. We consider factors such as population growth, urbanization, climate variability, and water efficiency measures in demand projections.
Resource Assessment: We evaluate available water resources, including surface water, groundwater, and alternative water sources such as recycled water and desalinated water. Assess the quantity, quality, reliability, and sustainability of water sources to meet projected demand and ensure long-term water security.
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment We identify potential risks and vulnerabilities to the water supply system which could include climate change impacts, water quality issues, regulatory constraints, and socio-economic factors. We assess the resilience of the system and develop strategies to mitigate risks and enhance adaptive capacity.
Infrastructure Planning: We will develop a comprehensive plan for water supply infrastructure development, expansion, rehabilitation, and optimization to meet projected demand and address identified risks and vulnerabilities. This includes new water treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, transmission mains, distribution networks, and storage facilities.
Monitoring and Evaluation: Develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track progress, performance, and implementation of the master plan over time. Regularly review and update the plan to incorporate new data, emerging trends, and evolving priorities to adapt to changing conditions and ensure continued effectiveness.

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