Water Engineering

NRW & Leakage Monitoring

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) & Leakage Management

DWS offers comprehensive services to reduce water losses, improve system efficiency, manage non-revenue water and leakage issues, optimise water resources, and ensure the reliable and sustainable delivery of clean water.

DWS Services Include:

Leak Detection: Implement leak detection programs using advanced technologies such as acoustic sensors to identify and locate leaks in water distribution networks. Conduct leak surveys, inspections, and monitoring to pinpoint leaks in pipes, valves, fittings, and other components.
Pressure Management: Optimise water pressure in the distribution network to reduce leakage rates, pipe bursts, and system failures. Implement pressure control strategies to maintain optimal pressure levels while minimizing stress on pipes and fittings. Conduct hydraulic modelling and analysis to assess the impact of pressure management measures on system performance and leakage reduction.
District Metering and Monitoring: Install district metering areas (DMAs) and flow meters at strategic points in the distribution network to monitor water flow, pressure, and consumption patterns. Use telemetry systems and remote monitoring technologies to collect real-time data on water demand, losses, and system performance. Analyse metering data to identify areas of high leakage, unauthorized consumption, or meter inaccuracies for targeted intervention.
Water Loss Management Planning: Develop comprehensive water loss management plans and strategies to quantify, monitor, and reduce NRW levels over time. Conduct water audits, leakage assessments, and performance benchmarking to establish baseline NRW levels and set reduction targets. Implement proactive measures such as staff training, customer engagement, metering upgrades, and infrastructure investment to achieve NRW reduction goals.

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