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Integrated Smarter Decision Making

Digital Water Solutions (DWS) is a system integrator focused on the development and implementation of Operational and Planning Decision Support Systems that solve water quantity and water quality management challenges.

Transforming Data into Operational Decisions

We are global experts in water & environmental innovative technologies.  We design and implement solutions for water utilities and government agencies, harnessing the power of digital technologies to drive sustainability, efficiency and resilience. DWS empower water professionals around the world to make enhanced business decisions. We are a System Integrator with specialist water engineering domain expertise (water distribution, sewerage, river, flood, coastal & marine, groundwater).

DWS is technology agnostic and utilises ‘Best of Breed’ technology to provide beneficial solutions.

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We co-create solutions with a high level of interaction, built upon a flexible technology framework. We will help you to drive digital transformation within your organisation.

DWS offers solutions that improve decision making, enhance operational efficiency and reduce risk using our deep water domain knowledge and our experience partnering with clients to solve similar problems around the world.

Our innovative solutions support the full spectrum of your decision-making needs, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff, help you to better manage your most critical assets and unlock the hidden value in your data to solve complex problems.

Cutting Edge Decision Support

Our solutions help you make better decisions

Utilities around the world are facing key macro pressures, including:
•        Population growth
•        Ageing infrastructure
•        Enhanced environmental requirements
•        Increasing community expectations

All of these challenges result in additional pressure on often already stretched budgets.

To meet these challenges, utilities require Decision Support tools for optimal decision making. DWS develops and implements Operational and Planning Decision Support Systems for utilities.

Cutting edge decision support solution structure

Intelligent Data Platform

Intelligent water solution components
Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Real-Time & Forecast Network Performance
  • Pro-active Network Management
  • Reduced OPEX
  • What-If Emergency Scenarios
  • Less Emergency Call-outs – Reduced Staff Costs
  • Improved Customer Levels of Service
  • STP inflow smoothing
  • Sewerage Overflow Forewarning & Reduction
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Reduced Leakage
  • Water Quality Optimisation / H2S minimisation

Strategic Asset Management

  • Maximise current network assets using actual Network Performance
  • Inform CAPEX planning (deferral / reduction)
  • Improved Data Visualisation
  • Improved Health & Safety
  • Continuous monitoring of hydraulic assets for preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Advanced Deterioration Modelling
  • Assessment of renewal performance improvements
  • Environmental Leadership
  • Effects Based Planning
Strategic Asset Management
Energy Portfolio Management

Energy Portfolio Management

  • Pump Optimisation
  • Energy Cost Reduction
  • Pump Efficiency (Pump Performance vs Pump Curve)
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gases
  • Real-Time Control – Optimised control decisions
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Increased Pump Efficiency – Pump Performance, Vibration/Heat Monitoring
  • STP Process Optimisation – reduced OPEX + CAPEX deferral
Operational Decision support solutions

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