Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Our team of software developers, engineers and scientists will work with you to design, improve and implement integrated Decision Support technologies and processes that allow the collection, secure storage, analysis, and transmission of data at different levels and ultimately point out the value of information and content that your organisation produces.

Our team will work with you to establish your current level of maturity and map the steps to develop your Live Modelling / Digital twin journey.
You can assess your level of maturity against the scale as set out below.
This hierarchy considers the number of information systems that are connected to the network model, the type of users leveraging the solution, and the business benefits that the solution provides.

Technology Solutions

Digital Water Solutions is an approved reseller of all Info360 products and can assist you with the successful roll-out within your organisation.

Info360 Insight

As a workflow cloud-based solution, Info360 Insight enables water and wastewater utilities to understand operational performance with business intelligence and quickly identify incidents in their system, check multiple resolution scenarios and apply recommended actions to quickly resolve system failures.

Info360 Asset

Autodesk Info360® Asset is a cloud-based application that empowers asset practitioners to centrally manage costly inspection data and media, use historical and current condition data to monitor and evaluate asset condition and performance and build and use models of likelihood of failure and consequence of failure.

Info360 Plant

Autodesk® Info360® Plant is a cloud-based operational analytics solution within the Info360 platform designed specifically for water and wastewater treatment plants to improve real-time data analysis and enable workflows associated with performance, compliance and improvement planning.

Maintenance & Support

We offer Maintenance support services to operate and support your operational decision support systems. This includes filtering, validation and the control and correction of hydrological, hydraulic, hydrodynamic and water quality real-time data. Support services also include the follow-ups to alarms, the creation and dissemination of statistics and reports, plus the maintenance of models and related systems.

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